Sound Pollution

The Damage and Protection from Sound Pollution

Apart from the case of hearing damager, there are different results of sound pollution in one’s body. Global health organizations have ascertained there is enough evidence showing the association existing between hypertension and exposure to noise for a longer period of time. A lot of studies in recent times have depicted that an increased noise level at night also increases heart attack risks.

The biological explanation of this is that when a person is under stress, the adrenal glands ends up giving out cortisol, one of those hormones increasing the level of blood in the sugar and suppressing of one’s immune system. At night, while a person is asleep, the noise might not wake a person but the body is able to feel the occasioned stress thus cortisol is released. In case this sound pollution continues unabated each and every other night for a longer period of time, what follows is a combined effect causing stress on myocardial infarction and the heart.

Apart from the simple damage to the ear and a focus on one’s overall health, there is an adverse effect defined or seen as the common denominator, which is stress. For those who have no idea, stress kills since it has been linked to a lot of conditions in the body such as social isolation, mental illness, heart diseases, hypertension and different types of cancer including a number of different issues. European reports have indicated that one in every five individuals living in Europe is under constant exposure to damaging sound levels that affect their health.

The reports on sound pollution also indicate that traffic noise in itself harms the health of the third person in five across the large expanse of Europe. These effects are not only felt in Europe and North America only but across the entire world as well. In case an individual is not able to get the needed level of sleep that can be defined as restful or engage in some solitude to have the mind rested, the systems might start to breakdown. It is also important to remember that the immune system ends up suppressed by the effect of cortisol and leaves an individual exposed to the worst of diseases.

There are a number of things that can be done to have one protected from the onslaught of sound pollution. It is rather impractical and impossible to have each person moving towards the rural areas since they would be transformed into urban or metropolitan areas almost immediately. Different architects and city planners have been coming up with a lot of ways of buffering the traffic noise right from the source through the construction of barriers of noise, vehicle speeds limitations, roadway surface alterations plus the use of distinct traffic controls in promotion of smoother flow of vehicular transport.

These are awesome methods that should jumpstart the process but even airports, loud neighbors and construction works are also a modern problem. In other words, the sleeping surroundings have to be protected from sound pollution, mostly uncontrollable and unpredictable one.  Some products today are now provided towards isolation of sound and making sure it does not penetrate offices or homes.