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Artist Soil
Album Picture Perfect
Label AFM Records
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Release date 2009-10-23
Genre Hard rock,Heavy Metal
Description Chicago, IL based SOiL have been through it all and are still standing tall. From the band''s debut independent album "Throttle Junkies" produced by Indie rock legend Steve Albini, to their albums "Scars" and "redefine" on Clive Davis''s Major Label J Records, SOiL has risen amonst the ranks of Hard Rock/Metal''s elite and gained a large international fan base with the hit singles "Halo", "Unreal", and "redefine". Early on, the band was taken under the wing of Madman Ozzy Osbourne and invited on tours such as Merry Mayhem and Ozzfest. They were awarded album of the year for the album "Scars" from UK''s prestigious magazine Metal Hammer which made them a mainstay. SOiL was a machine that had conquered the world with hit singles and touring. But just when all seemed to be going perfectly, turmoil hit the band and they lost their original lead vocalist due to family issues. The founding members forged on and recruited a new frontman, AJ Cavalier, and released 2006''s album "True Self". The album met with rave reviews and enjoyed a good amount of success with a huge worldwide touring campaign.
After almost 2 years of touring, the band returned home to write material for a follow up album in 2008/2009. This time as a classic four piece group. The band took its time with the new material and the writing process was described as a "breathe of fresh air". Guitarist Adam Zadel remarks: "For the first time in ages we actually were not in a rush to push a release down the pipeline. We actually sat back and thought about what we were doing and how we were doing it".When it was time to record the new album, SOiL once again joined forces with Johnny K who had produced their two major label albums "Scars" and "Redefine". "It seemed the perfect time to get back to where it truly all began" states Bassist Tim King. "Johnny developed us as a band in the early days and helped us arrange and write songs in ways we had never thought of. It was the perfect time to team up with him again". Blend that with a mix by Dave Fortman (Evanessance, Mudvayne, Slipknot) and you have a recipe for success. The result is the band''s 5th studio album entitled "PICTURE PERFECT". This also marks the band''s second album with vocalist AJ Cavalier. The album reflects SOiL''s growth and development since the new singer first debuted on the "TRUE SELF" album in 2006. "It is really great to see the band coming into its own now" explains Cavalier. "We have come a long way since I first joined and have really become comfortable with each other as a band and song writers". Accompanying the brand new record is a distinct four piece line up with Adam Zadel handling all the guitar duties this time around. "I was able to do things on this album that I never had the freedom to do before" remarks Zadel. "Musically SOiL has never sounded better". Picture Perfect contains such songs as the explosive in your face track "LIKE IT IS". The intense lyrics emulate feelings of how people try to alter the truth and never seem to deliver what they promise. Follow this with explosive drums and Pummeling riffs, and this album has it all. Other tracks featured on the 13 song album are the title track PICTURE PERFECT, TEMPTATION, SURROUNDED, LAST WISH, WASTED and THE LESSER MAN. Two of the songs being co-written by some prominent figures in the music industry. The song SURROUNDED was co written with Brian Howe, former lead vocalist of Bad Company. "I am a huge fan of the Bad Company "Holy Water" album" states King. "To be able to co-write a song with Brian was an honor. He is an amazing songwriter and vocalist". The other track WASTED was co-written by Legendary guitarist John 5 (Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie) and producer Bob Marlette. "Again" states King "It is amazing that people we respect so much as artists and song writers came to us wanting to co-write songs for this album. If someone would have told me I''d be working with these guys 10 years ago I would have never dreamed it to be possible.""It''s all about longevity and being true to ourselves and the fans" states drummer Tom Schofield. "I always said if we can weather the storm and keep our heads up, we will make it in this business." Tom could not have said it better. It is all about how bad you want it and how much you are willing to work for it. "Trends will always come and go" adds King "but it is all about the true fans and the music. Our fans are some of the most diehard and loyal fans I have ever seen. If it wasn''t for them standing behind us, we would have been dead and gone long ago. The fans are why we are here now and why we will be here tomorrow."
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