The Damage and Protection from Sound Pollution

Apart from the case of hearing damager, there are different results of sound pollution in one’s body. Global health organizations have ascertained there is enough evidence showing the association existing between hypertension and exposure to noise for a longer period of time. A lot of studies in recent times have depicted that an increased noise level at night also increases heart attack risks.

The biological explanation of this is that when a person is under stress, the adrenal glands ends up giving out cortisol, one of those hormones increasing the level of blood in the sugar and suppressing of one’s immune system. At night, while a person is asleep, the noise might not wake a person but the body is able to feel the occasioned stress thus cortisol is released. In case this sound pollution continues unabated each and every other night for a longer period of time, what follows is a combined effect causing stress on myocardial infarction and the heart.

Apart from the simple damage to the ear and a focus on one’s overall health, there is an adverse effect defined or seen as the common denominator, which is stress. For those who have no idea, stress kills since it has been linked to a lot of conditions in the body such as social isolation, mental illness, heart diseases, hypertension and different types of cancer including a number of different issues. European reports have indicated that one in every five individuals living in Europe is under constant exposure to damaging sound levels that affect their health.

The reports on sound pollution also indicate that traffic noise in itself harms the health of the third person in five across the large expanse of Europe. These effects are not only felt in Europe and North America only but across the entire world as well. In case an individual is not able to get the needed level of sleep that can be defined as restful or engage in some solitude to have the mind rested, the systems might start to breakdown. It is also important to remember that the immune system ends up suppressed by the effect of cortisol and leaves an individual exposed to the worst of diseases.

There are a number of things that can be done to have one protected from the onslaught of sound pollution. It is rather impractical and impossible to have each person moving towards the rural areas since they would be transformed into urban or metropolitan areas almost immediately. Different architects and city planners have been coming up with a lot of ways of buffering the traffic noise right from the source through the construction of barriers of noise, vehicle speeds limitations, roadway surface alterations plus the use of distinct traffic controls in promotion of smoother flow of vehicular transport.

These are awesome methods that should jumpstart the process but even airports, loud neighbors and construction works are also a modern problem. In other words, the sleeping surroundings have to be protected from sound pollution, mostly uncontrollable and unpredictable one.  Some products today are now provided towards isolation of sound and making sure it does not penetrate offices or homes.

The Environment and Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is a serious issue and depict the level of environment pollution modern lifestyle has brought to current life. Noise has Latin beginnings from the word ‘nausea’ standing for unwanted sound. This pollution is understood as unwanted sound due to the level of interference it has with the health, comfort and communication of human beings. However, it is worth noting the definition hardly discriminates between irritating noise and pleasurable sound.

Thus, the definition is now taken over by a rather better and refined definition, where noise in itself is now described as the wrong kind of sound at the wrong time and the wrong place. This is why pollution through sound or noise is a very dangerous pollutant in the human environment. Today, sound pollution is an integral part of human life due to the huge development in terms of technology, industries and machines.

It is not an exaggeration that people across the world for the most part are very noisy. In all the various sentiments our there being expressed or occasions being marked, sound or noise is at the heart of things, whether the occasions are family, social or religious celebrations manifested in the noisiest of ways. This happens even in election campaigns or staging of different festivals through loudspeakers where they come into use rather extensively. There are communities where even prayers, public ones, are mostly done rather loudly and in the highest of pitches.

In terms of marriage ceremonies, there is halting of processions here and there, merry-making, drinking to dancing all accompanied by different percussion or electronic instruments. It is the way different festivities and occasions are celebrated at the cost of the lives of people in terms of the dangers that follow in terms of sound pollution. On average, around 90 dB (decibels) are registered with the huge noise mostly being produced by so many vehicles on the road, factories and industries. In most cases, the environment is yet to be replaced with free machines free of any noise.

For those who have no idea sound pollution has become a real threat to the quality and wellbeing of the environment.  Undesirable noises have been dumped within the atmosphere, whether they are adverse in terms of effects or not. An addition to this sound has creation of sounds via electronic pollution as the intensity of radio communication continues. Largely, noise pollution is blackness that cannot be seen in terms of the power it concentrates.

In a lot of huge cities, vehicles bring both noise and air pollution. In developing nations, there is an effect of industrial areas in the same, including such industries as weaving units, textile mills, and transport industries in terms of buses, cars, trucks and auto-rickshaws that complicate the sound pollution level that makes life to be very different for many people. Loud sounds are very disturbing and bring about physical and mental discomfort apart from occasioning permanent damage to one’s hearing, something that is measurable in terms of decibels. 140 dB is the onset of pain in terms of sound pollution.

The Intricacies of Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is one of those potentially lethal pollutants that are a major threat to the welfare of the surroundings. There are so many animals out there that have been categorized as endangered species as a result of this kind of pollution due to noise. It is important that such measurement of negative effect to the environment gets followed by legal restrictions and regulations on sound or noise in an urgent manner. In many societies today, the ordinances in existence, including different acts on noise pollutions should be revised and reviewed occasionally, mostly as per the variations in the causes of this pollution.

The dictionary definition of sound pollution is annoying or harmful noise levels. The definition might be seen as a fragment in terms of summary although it is able to let the point be passed across. Others have been able to look at this type of noise pollution as excessive but animal, machine or human made environmental noise destroying the balance or activity of animal or human life. There are those who have speculated the noise as being including the way it might have an effect on the health of a person.

Obviously, anyone who has been woken up or rattled from a restful sleep either by car alarms or barking canines has felt the kind of stress sound pollution occasions. You can imagine the experience such a scenario could do to one’s life if it happens on a daily basis as you try to sleep after a longer period of time. As stress continues to build up in a person, including lacking enough sleep, the end result will be very debilitating in terms of mental and physical health issues.

In regard to the extremes of noise levels, there are a lot of people already aware that damage could occur to the hearing of a person. This can be manifested in terms of eardrum trauma as a result of violent vibrations causing permanent damage, ruptures to the inner ear membrane and the cochlear structure collapsing. It is however very important that loud industrial sounds are not seen as the only major causers of permanent hearing damage. Generally, together with middle ear, the outer ear has been designed in a way that sound is amplified. This is the reason why loud noises, made at any level or frequency usually has a deteriorating effect around the entirety of the hearing range.

In terms of a damage buildup around the ears, it usually leads to a decrease of hearing as years go by and as one is getting older, years before the geriatric times have set in. It is a very debilitating effect when sound pollution ends up causing very different and difficult effect of a negative nature yet it is something that could have been avoided. The abnormality of loud sounds is not only seen in the loss of hearing ability over the years but another major result of this pollution is ear ringing that occurs inside, well known as tinnitus. While in most cases tinnitus is temporary, there are cases where it could be permanent due to prolonged exposure.