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Sales information:
Sound Pollution, established in 1993 and webshop since 1996. We are an incorporated company in Sweden with the trade name Sound Pollution AB and international taxid SE556567192101.

All prices are in Swedish currency. Swedish VAT of 20% is included in the price. For orders sent to non EEC-countries the VAT will be deducted (Any country outside Europe) on all new products. You’ll only pay 80% of listed price to us but you might have to pay corresponding tax in your own country. The deduction will be made automatically when you have filled in your address in the checkout.


Card payment:
For our international customers, card payment is done with Visa or Mastercard through Nets. No extra charges.

Note that the total amount of the order will be charged to your bank/credit card within the next couple of days even if some articles of your order is backordered. You can also pay with Paypal. An additional fee will be charged. Note that the total amount of the order will be charged even if some articles of your order is backordered.

Sound Pollution sell and ship around the world. We primarily use DB Schenker for order inside the EU and Postnord for orders outside the EU. We replace full order value at loss.

**We do not ship to North Ireland or Åland. We do not ship to Brazil, Belarus or Russia.

You will receive a notification via email when your order has been shipped. The delivery time for Schenker is 1-3 working days inside the EU, Postnord 3-5 days outside the EU (depending on country).

Sound Pollution webshop’s stock is held in Stockholm, where we manage all orders made online. If all the items in your order are in stock, they will be sent to you within 4 business days. If an item is out of stock it usually takes a couple of days for us to get it. If a part of your order is out of stock or not yet released, the items that are available will be reserved for you and sent when the whole order is complete. Please contact us if you want to know whether an item is available or not.

Questions: mail us at order@ soundpollution.se.