Ars Umbra – The Art of Ester Segarra

Segarra Ester

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Artist Segarra Ester
Album Ars Umbra - The Art of Ester Segarra
Label Season of Mist
Article number 9791090260023


Release date 2018-07-06
Genre Death/Thrash/Black
Description You may not be aware, but you already know the art of Ester Segarra. For over a decade, the Spanish photographer has re-imagined the visual aspect of heavy metal for Ghost, Watain, Electric Wizard , Cathedral, Mayhem, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, At The Gates, Carcass, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Venom, Abbath, and others. Her anthology book ''Ars Umbra'' celebrates 15 years of music photography. Pictures and music are presented in the form of a photo book with an added original soundtrack. The music provides a rhythm, a mind-space that alters the experience of the book. Book + download card Soundtrack is made by Uno Bruniusson (In Solitude, Death Alley, Procession)