Bon Jovi: Encyclopaedia The

Bon Jovi

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Artist Bon Jovi
Album Bon Jovi: Encyclopaedia The
Label Chrome Dreams
Article number 9781842404645


Release date 2009-11-20
Genre Hard rock,Heavy Metal
Description Having been together for more than a quarter century, Bon Jovi are rightfully seen as true survivors in an industry that has a nasty habit of chewing up and spitting out even the most talented artists. Whatever it is that has made Jovi a truly magnificent band, is revealed in this book via numerous entries, presented in A-Z format, which cover just about everything any fan could wish to know. Every song they''ve recorded, members past and present, tours, gigs, associated bands, and significant personnel rub shoulders with albums, singles, bootlegs, books, DVDs, videos - and even dolls!
In completion, this tome offers the finest - and certainly only available - overview of Bon Jovi yet to appear, offering the reader the full story of the group through these extensive articles. Featuring numerous first hand and exclusive interviews, hundreds of photographs and the most recent research available, The Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia will prove a delight for the band''s millions of fans across the globe.