Sympathy For The Devil  

Black Candle III The

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Artist Black Candle III The
Album Sympathy For The Devil  
Label Cult Never Dies
Article number 9781916020672


Release date 2023-02-10
Genre Death/Thrash/Black
Description The third chapter of respected zine The Black Candle sees it grow to a full book. This is an extremely thought-provoking work tackling such topics as black metal, religion, industrial music, occultism, magick, gender, witchcraft, fatherhood, skateboarding, art and, of course, the devil. To some extent music is a side issue here - the author manages to summon extremely interesting and philosophical discourse with each participant.
152 A5 pages. Features interviews with: Leviathan, Spectral Wound, Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand, Hallowed Butchery, Kringa, Marid, Malhkebre, Leschure, Zera Kama and Amestigon.Includes exclusive photos and artwork, and is set in a font created by Masters Hammers''s very own Franta Storm. 152 pages, Paperback.