Wahlgaard Saga

Wahlquist Ragne (Heavy Load)

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Album Wahlgaard Saga
Label No Remorse Records
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Release date 2023-11-10
Genre Hard rock,Heavy Metal
Description Novel by Ragne Wahlquist of Heavy Load. The tale finds resonance in Heavy Load''s music. So intimate is the proximity between the music and the novel, that where words paint the scenes and images of the novel, music creates atmospheres with timbres, tones, and lyrics. The brothers'' Viking-inspiration has also found its expression in yet another artform. Ragne Wahlquist is the author of "Wahlgaard Saga" - a series of novels soon to be released in both English and Swedish. The series is a family saga in a Viking age setting. Several scenes in the novels are also rendered in the lyrics on the Heavy Load album. The book''s preface is written by Styrbjörn Wahlquist. Language: English Pages: 304 Dimension: 133 x 210mm paperback.
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